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My name is Kimberly Bishop, and I have been officiating weddings since 20​09. I am by day a Professor and it would be hard to tell you where my passion lies between both of my professions.  But, what I can tell you is, I love officiating.  2021 was my comeback year, in 2018 -2019 I battled on and off, for my life after almost dying on my honeymoon in October 2018, this battle went on until the winter of 2019. I am ready to get back to business as usual and start seeing those smiles on many couples faces. I can also say, I love watching the love stories unfold of each couple.  I see babies come and grow and watch them go to school for their first day of kindergarten and then I see the struggles and losses that each couple will go through and when I can be there for them, even if it is for an ear; I am! My hope is to continue adding beautiful love stories to my story until I just cannot do this any more.  2020 was a tough year for so many of us, we all now can say that we witnessed and lived through a global pandemic; at Dream a Little Dream Weddings I did everything that I could do to work with all of my clients to accommodate rescheduling,  Sadly, this year I saw so many dreams go up in smoke and yet we still found ways to not lose hope. I hope and I pray that this year 2021 will be that year of Hope for all of us. I feel like 2020 was so dark and sad for so many friends and family members.  I hope has become my motto.. and with that said "I hope" that together we will be able to celebrate your joyous day together; no matter if it is an elopement or a huge wedding down on the family farm.  No one said Hope comes packaged in a certain size, in comes in the hearts of those who long for better days! 

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